Dear Sir/Madam
We would like to introduce ourselves as manufacturers of quality Martial Art Uniforms, Boxing and Protective equipment.
We have our own in-house weaving and stitching facilities and have specialized in the following items. It is worthwhile to inform you that all our products are Child Labor free and made as per the International specifications.
1- Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Uniforms (Pearl Weave 450 and 550 gsm, Golden Weave, Honey Comb weave) Rib Stop 10 oz to 16 Oz
2 – Judo Uniforms (950 gsm, 750 gsm, 550 gsm 450 gsm and 400 gsm in CVC, PC or 100% Cotton)
3 – Karate Uniforms (16 oz, 14 oz, 12 oz, 10.5 oz, 8 oz, 7 oz CVC or 100% Cotton)
4 – Boxing & Protective equipment.
5- MMA Shorts etc
We may customize our products on demand
Material, Color, Design, Size, Printing, Embroidery, Label/Logo and Packing etc
You can see our product range at our web site www.starsports.pk & http://starsportsintl.trustpass.alibaba.com/
If you need any further information related to our products, please let us know, we shall be happy to assist you in all ways.

Since 1997, the year of establishment, “STAR SPORTS” stands apart for producing & supplying the Quality Martial Arts & Boxing Equipments. Through sheer determination & hard working, STAR SPORTS has attained a perfect combination of Quality Materials & Workmanship to fulfill the requirements of its valued clients. That’s why we have a number of satisfied & ever increasing valued clients around the globe.
Looking forward to hearing from you



PHONE : 0553890992
URL: www.starsports.pk
Email: info@starsports.pk